PRIME Productions seeks to explore, illuminate and support women over fifty and their stories through the creative voice of performance.   

We intend to create productions that include and encourage the participation of all genders, races, sexual orientations and abilities.  It is through these varied perspectives that a complete picture can emerge and be celebrated.

Why this? why now?

We have realized there is a scarcity of substantial roles in the theater for women of a certain age: female characters tend to be stereotyped, marginalized, or lacking altogether. Considering there is so much great experienced female talent in the Twin Cities that is not fully utilized, either by the plays being produced or the roles being written, we want to fill this gap. We aim to produce plays that employ these valuable female theater artists and address issues relevant to an aging population.

We have created a theater company that:

  • Hires artists of a certain age both on stage and behind the scenes.

  • Introduces diversity by using imaginative casting to broaden the audience’s perception.

  • Encourages the creation of new works.

  • Engages with women’s organizations and senior groups as community collaborators.

  • Seeks institutional partnerships that align with our mission to serve these communities.

There aren’t, on the whole, a lot of parts for people my age.
There’s no Mrs Lear, is there?
— Maggie Smith, Actor

our goals

The goals of PRIME Productions include:

  • Produce full staged productions encompassing our mission and values.

  • Become a professional theater with intent to hire union talent from Day One. 

  • Provide work to Twin Cities artists with pay. 

  • Promote diversity, inclusion and equity.

  • Produce staged readings to develop community involvement in material selection for each production season.

  • Plan pre-show focus groups and post-show discussions to engage the community with the art.

  • Organize and launch a playwriting festival to encourage the development of material relevant to our mission and to the population we serve.

  • Implement our core values across all areas of the organization.

Our Values

Demonstrate and model respect to self and others.

Maintain personal and professional accountability.

Exhibit integrity at all times.

Be tenacious in the quest for excellence.

Encompass an enthusiastic and positive attitude.

Honor the value of the artist.