Our Advisors are committed to helping us during this first year of growth.

They represent a wide array of interests, backgrounds and wisdom. We are grateful for their enthusiasm and support.

Michelle Caron
Owner and founder of Caron Consulting, LLC

Suzanne Egli
Owner and founder of Communication Navigation, LLC

Pat Milan
Chief Creative Officer, Tunheim Agency

Sandy Moore
Development Consultant / Grant Writer

Marcia Stout

Eric ‘Pogi’ Sumangil
Playwright / Actor

PRIME Productions is also grateful for the personal support and assistance from the following individuals: 

   Ruthie Baker                   Candace Barrett-Birk       Richard Cook            Laurie Beth Fitz                

  Robin Gillette                     Craig Johnson            Eleanor Leonard           David Pacheco                

Michael-Jon Pease                 Rich Remedios               Jack Reuler               Michael Shann